At the height of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were locked in a bitter rivalry to decide which artist would be remembered as the greatest of all time. Against a swirling backdrop of unexpected love, death, passion and revenge, the two artists fight each other, their own families, and even the Pope, all while creating masterpieces that are still admired today. Already the more established artist, Leonardo begins work on the Mona Lisa, a woman that would change his life forever. However, across town the young and upcoming sculptor Michelangelo was in the middle of his own iconic work, the statue of David. Unexpectedly, the Governor of Florence Piero Soderini and his assistant, Niccolo Machiavelli himself, intervene and force both artists to paint competing murals in the Palazzo della Signoria. Tempers flair as the two artists are set on a collision course the likes the art world has never seen. Drawing upon extensive research, the author gives us a rare insight into the intimate lives of these great artists. Read about the men and women in their lives, their sexual desires, their family fights, their artistic rivals such as Raphael, Perugino, Signorelli, Bramante and Botticelli. Step into Leonardo's cavernous studio in the Pope's Hall at Santa Maria Novella as he paints the portrait of Mona Lisa and draws the massive Battle of Anghiari cartoon. Stand over Michelangelo's shoulder and watch the marble chips fly as he carves the gigantic David. Follow him up into the mountains of Carrara as he struggles against nature to extract the numerous blocks of marble for the Pope's tomb. With its unique perspective and legendary subject matter, the Battle of Anghiari takes readers on a thrilling journey into the exciting world of Renaissance Florence. The book is available at